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Hello Nellie and the Dragon   ISBN: 9781904529026
Back To Front  www.back-to-front.com

A Crack In The Dark Glass   ISBN: 9780954337735
Solidus  www.soliduspress.com

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Books Out Of Print

The books listed below are out of print but beside each title is their ISBN reference number.  They can be traced as second hand books online at www.abebooks.com or www.amazon.co.uk or at www.alibris.co.uk on eBay.

You may also be able to borrow them from the library or find them in a second hand bookshop or even in a jumble sale.  It has been known.

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The Heggerty Haggerty stories are about a witch, a black cat and a very naughty broomstick.  Those below are the picture books which Scholastic published from the Yorkshire Television series.

Heggerty Haggerty and the Dreadful Drought   ISBN: 0241105153
Heggerty Haggerty and the Magic Medicine   ISBN: 0590703277
Heggerty Haggerty and the Treasure Hunt   ISBN: 0590703293
Heggerty Haggerty and the Hallow'een Ghosts   ISBN: 0590703269
Heggerty Haggerty and the Day at the Fair   ISBN: 0590703285
Heggerty Haggerty and the Amazing Loaf of Bread   ISBN: 0590704370
Heggerty Haggerty and the Flying Saucer   ISBN: 0590704397
Heggerty Haggerty and the Great Running Race   ISBN: 0590704362
Heggerty Haggerty and the Day on the Farm   ISBN: 0590704389

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The Nellie and the Dragon stories are about a little girl who finds a dragon living in the shed at the bottom of her garden.  It is a very annoying dragon too.  It gets Nellie into all sorts of trouble.  Don't forget it's possible to buy "Hello Nellie and the Dragon" as a print on demand book at www.back-to-front.com

Nellie and the Dragon   ISBN: 0590706756
Nellie and the Dragon – Whatever Next   ISBN: 0590760262
Nellie and the Dragon Ahoy!(Hardback)   ISBN: 0590763377
Nellie and the Dragon Ahoy!   ISBN: 0590765310
Hello Nellie and the Dragon   ISBN: 0590136402

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"A Letter for Maria" is a picture book about a little girl in hospital.

A Letter For Maria   ISBN: 0590707930

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The "Haunting of Sophie Bartholomew" was my first longer book.  It was written for a series called Hauntings and is very spooky.

The Haunting of Sophie Bartholomew   ISBN: 0590760459

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"The Spooks" is a book about ghosts.  They do a lot of haunting and have a great trouble with some rather bold twins.

The Spooks   ISBN: 0590763903

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The Midnight Dancer series of books came out of my own experience of riding in my horse called Hot Spot.  Midnight Dancer is modelled on her although the adventures are all made up.

Midnight Dancer   ISBN: 0590551361
Midnight Dancer – To Catch a Thief   ISBN: 059055137X
Midnight Dancer – Running Free   ISBN: 0590558536
Midnight Dancer – Fireraisers   ISBN: 0590131060
Midnight Dancer – Joyriders   ISBN: 0590139126
Midnight Dancer – Ride By Night   ISBN: 0590139134