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Feel free to get in touch with me via email at or you can contact my agent Sarah Molloy at A.M. Heath (

Additional Links - The Silverlake Fairy School website - Usborne are the publishers of the Silverlake Fairy School books. - Scholastic Children's Books publish the Magic Pony books. - Back to Front publish the Print on Demand version of Hello Nellie and the Dragon. - Solidus publish A Crack in the Dark Glass which is also a Print on Demand book. - This is the official Pipkins website. - This is the truly great puppeteer Nigel Plaskitt's site and here you can find out about all the other puppets he's operated. - This is the skilled and wonderful puppet maker Paul Jomain's site. - This is the link to Amazon where you may purchase the Pipkins DVDs. - Find out some more children's book authors. - This is a site where you can publish your own stories although you do have to pay a small fee. - Here is more information about children's books. - And another good site with lots of information about children's books. - And yet one more site for you to explore and find out about children's books and authors. - Visit here if you would like to find out more about The Hoobs. - Find out more about the Five Minutes More series here. - I am listed on this site as being a puppeteer with the Playboard Puppet Theatre company. A very enjoyable time it was too.