The Main Characters

Lilac Blossom

Lila is a poor kitchen fairy working in the Fairy Palace Kitchen.  She is an orphan and Cook has brought her up.  Her best friend is Mip, the shoeshine elf.  She had never seen another purple fairy until she went to Silverlake Fairy School.   Lila is member of the Star Clan. 


Cook is in charge of all the fine feasts that go on in the fairy palace.  She loves Lila and desperately wanted her to go to Silverlake Fairy School - the best school in the fairy kingdom. 

Mip the Shoeshine Elf

Mip is Lila's best friend.  They have grown up together at the Fairy Place and get up to all kinds of mischief together. 

Princess Bee Balm

Princess Bee Balm is the only child of the fairy King and Queen.  She is the same age as Lila.  The princess is charming to those she likes but has a strong dislike of Lila.  She tries to get Lila into trouble at every opportunity.   Bee Balm is a member of the Sun Clan. 

The Lord Chamberlain

The Lord Chamberlain is a very grand fairy and the King's chief advisor.  Cook and the Lord Chamberlain are sworn enemies.  Lila and Mip are scared of him; his unsmiling eyes and thin lips make them tremble.  But they don't make Princess Bee Balm tremble.  She and the Lord Chamberlain are great friends. 


Nutmeg is one of Lila's two closest friends at school.  Her colour is yellow-ochre, similar to ground nutmeg.  Her parents are spice fairies.  She's called Meggie by her friends.  Meggie loves fairy fabrics and sewing.   Meggie is a member of the Star Clan. 


Harebell is Lila's other close school friend and is called Bella for short.  She is sky blue; very athletic and energetic.  She is also impulsive.  Her passion is the school game of Bugs and Butterflies.   Bella is member of the Star Clan. 

Sea Holly

Sea Holly is Princess Bee Balm's best friend.  She is a sea-blue fairy with violet wing tips and Bee Balm's devoted follower.  Sea Holly is a member of the Sun Clan. 

Musk Mallow

Musk Mallow is midnight-blue fairy with green wing tips.  She is the Senior Fairy of the Star Clan and Captain of the Star Clan's Bugs and Butterflies Team.  She is also Deputy Head of School.  All the Star Clan fairies look up to her.  This includes Lila, Bella and Meggie.  They would do anything for her. 

Mistress Pipit

Mistress Pipit is sparkling orange and the first year teacher at the school.  All her pupils love her.  Mistress Pipit is a member of the Sun Clan. 

Fairy Godmother Wimbrel

Fairy Godmother Whimbrel is the head teacher at Silverlake Fairy School. She wears silver spectacles, as her eyesight is not as good as it once was.  Her wings, fingernails and hair are dark purple.  She is the same colour as Lila.  

Captain Klop

Captain Klop is the ancient dragon gatekeeper at the school. His scales are faded and scratched; one of his teeth has broken off and his right ear is torn.  He looks fierce and the fairy pupils treat him with respect.