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Write a Magic Pony Story to read to your friends!

Here are some story ideas.

What would happen if Natty’s pony poster were left on a bus?  How would she get it back?  What would Ned do?  How could he help her to find it?

What would happen if Tabitha, Natty's cat, went missing?  Where would Natty look for her?  Might she be stuck up a tree or shut in Pebbles' stable? How might Ned help Natty find Tabitha?

What would happen if there was a terrible storm and Pebbles' bolted throwing Penelope to the ground?  What would happen if he galloped into the swollen river and became stranded on an island?  What would happen if Penelope were frightened of water?   How might Natty and Ned rescue Pebbles?