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The Main Characters


Natty lives in a little house, in quiet lane with her mother, father and elder brother Jamie.  She longs for a pony of her own but has had to make do with three china ones which she has named Esmeralda, Prince and Percy, until, one day, she buys a very special pony poster.


Jamie wants to be a magician when he grows up and is always practising magic tricks. He often teases Natty but he looks out for his younger sister and wants to keep her safe.

Ned, the Magic Pony

Ned is the pony in the poster that Natty bought from Cosby's Magic Emporium, the shop where Jamie buys his magic tricks.  But it is no ordinary pony poster as Natty soon finds out.

Penelope Potter

Penelope Potter lives down the lane in the big house..  She has a pony of her own and a brand new bike.  Unfortunately, Penelope is not good at sharing.  Natty gets all the boring jobs to do while Penelope rides her pony.


Tabitha is Natty's cat.   She loves to lie on Natty's bed and be stroked. Tabitha also likes catching mice and a tiny magic pony is rather like a little mouse.  Ned has to watch out.


Pebbles is Penelope Potter's dappled grey pony.  He lives in the field opposite Natty's house.  Natty often watches him graze and wander the field from her bedroom window.